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To understand feminist peace and anti-militarism, as well as to explain terms related to gender, militarism and war, you can read the following conceptual dictionary.



It is a participatory and non-violent process that seeks to eliminate every form of violence. Peace is not only the absence of war and violence (negative peace), but also the elimination of the political, economic and social structure (positive peace) that creates violence.



The main function of peacekeeping is to facilitate the transition from violence in post-conflict zones to peace through the provision of peacekeeping forces, mostly from the national armies or intergovernmental organizations of UN member states.



It is a broad and long-term process involving a number of restoration, rehabilitation, justice, democracy and mutual trust building activities in a post-conflict society.



It is an ideological view of war and violence. Pacifism is also based on justice and human rights, and the basic principle is not to kill another person.


Just war

it is a conservative view that claims that some wars are justified. That is, it is an approach that believes in justice and peace as a result of war.


Conflict resolution

is the process of achieving a negative peace on the basis of a mutually agreed understanding through the mediation and assistance of a third party. In the past, the resolution of the conflict focused on the cessation of violence, but now it covers issues such as post-conflict reconciliation, the creation of conditions for peace, and the strengthening of justice.



Violence is the intentional use of physical force or force to harm, threaten, harm or endanger oneself, other individuals, groups or physical and biological beings. According to Johan Galtung's pyramid, the main types of violence are direct, structural and cultural violence.


Gender-based violence

It is the violence faced by an individual or group based on their gender identity and expression.



is an individual or group attempt of intentional psychological, verbal, physical and cyber pressure, insults and humiliation against a person one considers weak. 


Gender equality

It implies fair and equal rights, obligations and opportunities among people, regardless of gender identity.


Feminist peace

It is an approach aimed at ending the patriarchal structure and its other micro- and macro-level support systems that pose a threat to people, certain groups and nature, based on positive peace.



It is a process of supporting the parties to a conflict to reach an agreement through primary road diplomacy, such as negotiations and mediation, which expresses efforts to resolve the conflict at the political level.



The active and practical rejection of violence as a means is to abandon violence as a method, both in the process and in the end.



and the perception of threats when the needs or interests of stakeholders are encountered is a phenomenon that is characterized and may have either constructive or destructive potential, depending on its management.


Conflict management

is a process aimed at reducing the negative aspects of the conflict and increasing the positive aspects. There are five strategies for conflict management: competition, conflict avoidance, conflict reconciliation, compromise and cooperation.


Conflict sensitivity

It is about maximizing the positive effects of intervention in the conflict and strengthening and encouraging opportunities to avoid its harmful effects. "Do no harm" is one of the basic principles of conflict sensitivity and it requires ethical and conscious  approach.



covers the roles, attitudes, expectations, power, and behaviors that society constructs by adapting people to their biological sexes. These attributes determine political, economic, and cultural opportunities.



It is a structural context of discrimination and violence against women. Sexism can manifest itself in the media, in education, in the workplace, in politics, even in clothing and everyday life. 



It is killing women because they are women. These include deaths in beauty surgeries, homicides in domestic violence, and killings on the name of "namus" (honor). 


Gender equity

is to achieve gender equality by eliminating class inequality, racial discrimination and oppression of the environment. 

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