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  • Sevinj Samadzade

Film: Behind 44 days

Today, the oppression of the people in Ukraine as the next target of imperialism, facing so much deprivation is shaking us completely as people coming from communities living in a state of constant war and conflict. Right now, it is impossible to imagine the expanding humanitarian catastrophe caused by this ongoing war. No matter how strong the resistance of people in Ukraine, the war brings more oppression and more despair with each passing hour.

The story of Samira, a social worker who was caught in the middle of a humanitarian catastrophe during the war in Karabakh in the fall of 2020, tries to show us what is happening in the background. This story tells about the activities of Samira and her friends in Barda, Azerbaijan at that time and from the sufferings of not being able to do anything to stop the war. This documentary is made by Samira's friend Sevinj Samadzade inside maximum restrictions during the war.



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